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Frequently Asked Questions

Terms & Conditions
  • Can I meet you?
    We always encourage face to face meetings. Our portfolio managers are happy to visit you in person or you are welcome to visit us at our head office. We can also facilitate e-meetings via Zoom or Google teams
  • How can I insure my cask?
    All new cask and premium matured cask are already stored in an HMRC bonded facility or at the distillery and fully insured for 5 years. These documents will be sent to you after purchase.
  • Will I have to pay UK Capital Gains Tax or pay VAT / Sales Tax
    While the whisky remains in the cask there is no duty or tax to be paid. If and when you decide to sell your physical portfolio no Capital Gains Tax is payable as the whiskey is classed as a wasting chattel, and therefore under UK law is not liable, and any and all profits are free from Capital Gains Tax. Should you wish to have your purchase bottled before selling, then the whiskey would be liable to VAT.
  • How is the whisky stored?
    The whisky is stored in wooden casks on site at the individual distilleries we are partnered with or in a bonded warehouse.
  • What about evaporation?
    Cask whisky evaporates at just under 2% per annum, which is known as the Angels’ share. Evaporation is part of the maturation process. Wholesale whisky is traded as litres of pure alcohol(LPA) on an original fillings basis(OFB). In combination they refer to the amount of spirit that went into the barrel at the outset (filling). When you come to sell your whisky, it doesn’t matter how much has evaporated, you sell LPA on the OFB. It is up to the buyer to make an approximate calculation of how much actual spirit will be in the cask by anticipating the total quality shared out between “the Angels”.
  • Can my whisky spoil or go off?
    Rigorous quality controls are done before your whisky is filled into the cask. Once it is in the cask it is rare for it to spoil and any spirit quality issues are almost certainly due to a defective cask which can be isolated before blending or bottling. World of Whisky customers are protected from any quality issues by our standard commercial agreement with suppliers
  • Can I bottle my cask?
    Yes. We can arrange bottling, labelling and packing to your specifications. This process will have separate fees but please bear in mind that duty and VAT are payable before your bottles leave a bonded warehouse.
  • How do I know my cask is genuine?
    We provide a unique cask number for all stock purchased through us and we will provide all of the necessary ownership documentation. Casks cannot be forged or faked so they provide a secure means of investing in whisky.
  • How do I exit when I want to sell out?
    When you instruct us to sell you out, we will typically go through one of six routes: • Sell to another client via our intra-client brokering service • Trade the cask on the open market to a cask broker or collector • Purchase the cask back ourselves • Sell the cask through our own auction service • Sell the cask through a third-party auction house • Bottle the stock for you and release it to the retail market achieving maximum profit
  • What influences the price of a single malt?
    Some of the key factors that affect the price of a whisky are the reputation of the distillery and its brand value. Each whisky cask is unique and possesses many variables such as age, cask type, finish, strength, and volume. We have pioneered a unique methodology in order to determine their value.
  • Why buy whisky?
    Until recently, cask whisky was difficult to purchase therefore unlike equities and bonds it’s not a ‘crowded trade’. Buying tangible assets gives you more financial security as products can’t go bust like organisations can. It makes buying a cask of whisky a much more attractive option
  • What will my return on investment be?
    Financial modelling is not possible across the wider whisky market and must be carried out on individual casks due to each being unique; however, statistics on whisky investment from recent years indicate returns that average between 8-12% per annum.
  • What are the risks?
    We see very limited downsides to investing in casks of whisky. The main risk is that whisky falls out of fashion and there is suddenly less demand. Although past performance is no guarantee of future performance, we simply cannot see this happening. With more and more developing nations rising through the ranks, we feel that there will be an even greater demand in the future than we see today. Whisky exports have seen year-on-year growth every year for over 30 years now. Furthermore, due to Scotch making up 21% of all UK food and drink exports, the industry receives a lot of government support in the form of trade deals and legislative backing. This careful management lessens the risk.
  • What is first fill and refill?
    Casks can be described as ‘first fill’ or ‘refill’. A cask that is being used to mature Scotch for the first time is referred to as ‘first fill’. It becomes a ‘refill’ cask when used for a second or subsequent time
  • What is a cask?
    A cask is the wooden container that whisky is stored in while it matures and it plays a critical role in developing flavours. Casks can come in all different sizes and wood types, but the most common type used for whisky is a 200L barrel that was originally used to mature American Bourbon. Whisky is also regularly matured in other types of casks including sherry, wine and tequila, all of which bring their own flavours to the spirit.
  • What is Single Malt Scotch?
    Single malt Scotch is the elite of Scottish whiskeys. The “single” in the name refers to the fact it comes from a single distillery and is made from 100% malted barley. As long as all the liquid comes from the same distillery, this is a single malt. The number on the label refers to the youngest whiskey in the blend, even if the liquid in the bottle comes from a few hundred different barrels. As a general rule of thumb, single malt whiskey is generally aged for 10 years or more but can be aged anything from 12-21 years. In general, the older it is, the better it gets.
  • What is a blended whiskey?
    Blended whiskies are the mixture of single malt whiskeys from different distilleries. The choice of using liquids from various places is down to the Master Blender and is an incredibly difficult task. The Master Distiller will create the blend using different types of whiskeys from single grain Scotch to rye whiskey in order to create the unique taste identity that will define the drink. They work in meticulous detail ensuring that proportions are just right and that each blend is not only phenomenal but consistent in quality and brand identity.
  • What’s the difference between malt whiskey and grain whisky?
    Malt is the premium traditional style of whisky, but the artisanal manner of its production is not easily scaled. Grain whisky is made continuously via a modern column still on an industrial scale. The output is purer alcohol, but with less flavour and character than a malt. The most important fact about whisky is that the fate is that most single grain whisky is to be blended with one or more malts to produce a much better tasting derivative type called blended whisky.
  • What is bourbon?
    Bourbon whiskey is an American whiskey that is made from 51 percent corn mash. It tends to have a much sweeter taste compared to Scotch or Irish whiskeys. Think smooth notes of vanilla and caramel, enhanced by the oak cask ageing. Because Irish whiskey is aged in pre-used bourbon casks, American bourbon drinkers very often find themselves enamoured with their Irish cousin from over the pond.
  • How is World of Whisky regulated?
    World of Wisky Group is regulated under English law. Its regulatory status is markedly different from the financial services industry. You are not buying something which under English law is defined by the Financial Services and Markets Act. As an investment, you are instead buying a tangible product which - through the construct of bailment - you will own outright as your physical property. This sort of purchase, and the custody of your property is regulated by a number of laws which are generally more intuitively and widely understood than is financial Services regulation. The relevant legislation includes the Sale Of Goods Act 1994, Fraud Act 2006, the Theft Act 1968, and the Money Laundering and Transfer of Funds (Information)(Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations (2019) etc. These apply broadly to non financial British Businesses and have proven effective instruments for fair regulation for the purchase and sale of goods. We also plan to apply for our own WOWGR license which will allow us to purchase and store bulk casks for clients along with suppling our own whisky brand.
  • What would happen if World of Whisky Failed?
    We won’t....but your whisky is safe from our potential insolvency. You own the casks, not us. Our partner distilleries store them securely. A liquidator cannot claim your cask as an asset of the business. Through the World of Whisky Group, your whisky is held in safe keeping. This means you make no transfer of assets as part of the creditors, and your whisky is not become owned by World of Whisky Group. You are not a creditor, you are the whisky’s owner. Consequently, the liquidator cannot consider your whiskey as the property of the compnay. This is the advantage of being the owner of whisky and not a creditor of a business. You cannot lose your stock through insolvency, only through its physical theft or destruction and these risks are insured. As the owner of the cask you can choose any company to help sell your cask or sell it back to the original distillery.
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    Disclaimer: You must be 18 years or older to purchase alcohol-based products. Information provided by World of whisky group is of a purely general nature to inform you of the whisky cask industry, and it does not always relate to trades, sales or returns carried out or achieved by us. Please note that any numerical figures or investment performance results mentioned on our website, connected or related sites and content are based on historical data and are provided for informational purposes only. Past performance is not indicative of future results, and there are no guarantees of any specific investment returns. All investments involve risks, and you should carefully consider your own financial circumstances and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions. Do not invest unless you are prepared to lose the money you have invested. Whisky casks held in HMRC bonded facility are CGT exempt but world of whisky group employees are not tax advisors and cannot advise on the tax benefits of asset investment. Tax treatment is subject to HMRC guidelines. If you require tax advice on asset investment, you should seek the advice of a qualified tax advisor. World of whisky group is not authorised or regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and we do not offer any specific financial advice on the use of assets as investments. Fees do apply after year 5 please see our terms and conditions on our purchase agreements Casks: Cask services are chargeable to you, including regauging, samples, and photographs. All casks are stored within HMRC-bonded warehouses and are subject to strict rules and regulations set by HMRC. If you wish to sample or bottle your cask, duty and VAT will be due before the whisky or rum has been bottled and the finished goods are removed from the HMRC-bonded warehouses. This remains the responsibility of the cask owner. “New Make” spirit has to be matured for 3 years, during which time its alcoholic strength could reduce. In addition, the volume of spirit will decrease over time (“the Angels’ share”). For the product to be classed as “whisky”, it must retain a minimum strength of 40%. World of Whisky Group will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage incurred by you or any third party arising out of, or in connection with, any use of the information within this website (other than with regards to any duty or liability that we are unable to limit or exclude by law or under the applicable regulatory system) and any such liability is hereby expressly disclaimed. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Visit Scotland, Scotland’s Whisky Map, https://www. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Scotch-2018.pdf 11. 12. 1 13. 14.
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