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Exit Strategies

Once you own the casks of whisky there are numerous options for your investment. When you wish to release your casks our in-house experts will help you to decide which exit strategy is most viable for yourself.

Top 5 Exit Strategies

Sell the casks in bulk to other whisky brands in need of mature stock.

This can have potential tax advantages so please seek tax advice separately. Larger brands tend to buy stock to mature in their own way.

Sell to private investors or collectors

Private investors often wish to bypass large portions of the maturation period by purchasing mature stock from our existing clients. For example, a potential client hoping to own a 15-year-old whisky will be willing to
pay a premium for a five-year hold and wait a shortened ten years to see a drastic return in profits. 

Sell at a whisky auction

Whisky auctions are a popular exit strategy and require the least effort on the part of the investor.

Private bottling and labelling

You can sell to private labels such as supermarkets, hotel chains and even existing brands or distilleries. This option may be viable to some of our clients. Please do get in contact with one of our whisky experts.

Buy back the whisky ourselves

We plan on releasing a variety of blends to the market and are already in discussions with a variety of well established bars and clubs in the UK, Dubai and Ibiza.

Supporting Your Journey

Based on our experience, many of our clients indicate that they would like to hold their whisky for a period of 5 years. During this period, you will be kept fully updated and your whisky will be maturing and therefore appreciating in value. As you own the whisky you can instruct us to sell any time after 3 years although the prices of single malt whisky increase significantly in years 5, 8 and 10.

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