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World of Whisky is here to help you kick-start your cask ownership journey regardless of your

knowledge level.

8-14% Average Returns Per Annum

Capital Gains Exempt

Asset Backed

100% Ownership & Fully Insured

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“Whisky is in high demand around the world. Global sales of Irish whiskey increased by 140% from 2010 to 2020, and future demand is predicted to outstrip supply if both continue at their current rates.
Scotch whisky has posted record results in recent years – 2019 sales hit £4.9 billion. The price of Scotch whisky casks has increased by 478% over the past decade making it the best performing asset in its class. This has resulted in a number 1 ranking in the Knight Frank Luxury Investment ratings."

Knight Frank Luxury Investment Ratings

We Are Proud to Offer

Exceptional Cask Ownership

At World of Whisky, we are collectors and specialists in cask sales. We leverage our combined knowledge and contacts in buying, selling, tasting, collecting and investing in whisky to guide you on how to invest in whisky.

Scottish Whisky Casks

This is a product with high global demand but which is very limited in supply. In an industry that was previously reserved for the wealthy and those in the know, World of Whisky is proudly making all aspects of cask ownership easily accessible to all.

Irish Whiskey Casks

We understand that every cask purchase is unique and with our extensive distillery partnerships and vast industry knowledge, we aim to help you build a desirable collection of casks. Our Senior Portfolio Managers are on hand to advise you every step of the way.

Welcome to the world of wholesale premium cask whisky ownership.

Our business was established with one primary objective in mind. To help you own tangible and luxury items that increase in value over time.

As specialised cask whisky brokers, World of Whisky can offer you the opportunity to tap into the global whisky market. Purchase a cask of your own to hold, sell or bottle under your own brand. 


We connect masters of the craft with true connoisseurs. In partnership with with some of the world’s finest award winning distilleries, we offer the chance to purchase both new and rare casks to our private clients at wholesale rates.

Find out more about becoming a cask owner today and get involved in this exciting market.

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Investments of over £20,000 will get a platinum membership into the World of Whisky Club




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Looking at the bigger picture, it is clear that rare whisky is increasing in value. The price for collectable whisky is projected to keep on rising. Investing in whisky provides a lucrative opportunity for diversifying your portfolio. 


Investing in whisky brings the potential for excellent returns, as figures show. In the 2022 Julius Baer Index, the price of whisky has risen 27.4%. Due to the unique nature of the asset, individual approach and maturation process of the distillery, each cask is unique and in limited supply. This adds more value to the final product. 


Whisky is a surprisingly liquid and versatile asset. As you do not store or hold onto the casks yourself there are multiple ways of realising. Using the services of a partner like World of Whisky Group, you can opt for a hassle-free sale to either our global client base or a private trade auction.


In the world of alternative investments, a real, physical asset is always preferable to a risky or volatile financial instrument. Whisky casks are a tangible asset that
you own and can trade, bottle, sell or auction at your discretion.


We have seen a huge influx of investors who are looking to hedge the potential future tax implications of the global pandemic and COVID-19. As your investment in whisky
is free from Capital Gains Tax (CGT), whisky can be an excellent tool for wealth creation and wealth preservation.

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